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High Power - Batch Plasma System

Aeon-HP is a tabletop batch plasma cleaning system. This system has been designed to sustain intense high-power plasma processes, as such it includes a temperature sensor that monitors the process temperature directly on the active electrode. The heat generated by the plasma process is diligently removed through an advanced cooling system that uses only fresh air, removing the need of liquid cooling.

Product Applications:

Aeon-HP is a versatile powerhouse capable of performing a wide array of plasma processes, including:

  • Plasma Cleaning: Effortlessly remove contaminants and impurities for pristine surfaces.

  • Plasma Activation: Enhance surface adhesion and prepare materials for bonding.

  • Plasma Surface Treatment on Polymers: Achieve precise modifications for improved material properties.

  • Plasma-Induced Surface Crosslinking on Polymers: Strengthen and tailor polymer structures for specific applications.

  • Oxide Removal: Effectively eliminate oxides for cleaner and more reliable surfaces.

  • Aeon-HP's adaptability shines in niche applications within the semiconductor and automotive industries, where its precision and power are harnessed to elevate manufacturing processes and product quality.

Product Features:

  • Precision Etching: Aeon-HP is your gateway to excellence in Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) and Plasma Etching (Direct Plasma) processes. Achieve the utmost precision in your work.

  • Stainless Steel Construction: The plasma chamber is constructed from durable stainless steel AISI304, ensuring longevity and resilience even in demanding environments.

  • High-Frequency Power: Harness the power of a 600 W RF generator operating at 13.56 MHz, providing the energy needed for efficient plasma processing.

  • Pressure Precision: Aeon-HP incorporates a capacitive pressure gauge, allowing you to maintain precise control over pressure conditions for optimal results.

  • Low Maintenance Pump: Enjoy uninterrupted operation with a 250 L/min dry vacuum pump that boasts low maintenance downtime, keeping your processes running smoothly.

  • Gas Control: Two mass-flow-controlled gas lines are at your disposal, facilitating the use of standard plasma gases such as Ar, He, O2, and N2, enabling versatility in your applications.

  • Seamless Automation: Aeon-HP features PC-based automation, powered by Windows® 10, ensuring a user-friendly interface for intuitive control and monitoring of your plasma processes.

Product Options:

  • Hydrogen Kit: Take your processes to the next level with the hydrogen kit, enabling the use of 100% pure H2 for your specific applications. This kit comes complete with a dedicated external hydrogen generator, ensuring the utmost control and purity in your H2 processes.

  • Expanded Gas Control: Aeon-HP offers the flexibility to expand your gas control capabilities with the option to add up to two additional mass-flow-controlled gas lines, bringing the total to four. This empowers you to accommodate a wider range of gases and tailor your plasma processes precisely to your needs.

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