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Large Surface Batch Plasma System

Ares, a flagship product of SCI Automation, is a testament to the future of plasma cleaning. This standalone batch system is meticulously designed for large surface substrates or matrix trays, ensuring that size never compromises quality. With a chamber tailored to handle high-power conditions, Ares is the epitome of precision and power in plasma etching processes.

Product Features:

High-Power Chamber: Ares' chamber is uniquely crafted to handle the intense power conditions essential for advanced etching processes.

Reliable & Consistent: With features that guarantee a reliable and repeatable cycling of the plasma process, Ares promises 24/7 operation without hitches.

Designed for Large Surfaces: Whether it's large substrates or matrix trays, Ares is built to handle them all, ensuring that every inch is treated with precision.

State-of-the-Art Technology: Experience the future of plasma cleaning with a system that's built on cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Explore Product Details:

  • 24/7 Operation: Ares is designed for continuous operation, ensuring that your plasma processes are always up and running.

  • Tailored for Etching: With a chamber built for high-power conditions, Ares guarantees optimal etching processes every time.

  • Versatile & Efficient: From large substrates to matrix trays, Ares ensures efficient and effective plasma cleaning regardless of the size.

Product Applications

Ares is not just a plasma cleaning system; it's a revolution in the world of plasma etching. Its capabilities extend beyond mere cleaning, offering precise etching solutions for large surfaces. Whether it's substrates or trays, Ares ensures that every surface is treated with the utmost precision, making it a must-have for industries that demand perfection.

The features contained in this system allow a reliable and repeatable cycling of the plasma process for 24/7 operation.

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