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Contact Angle Meter

CAM-2, a specialized product from SCI Plasma, is your go-to solution for measuring the surface contact angle on substrates. This manual contact angle meter is meticulously designed to verify the surface energy of various substrates, making it an invaluable tool for assessing the effectiveness of plasma cleaning processes.

Product Features:

Precision Measurement: CAM-2 offers accurate measurements of the surface contact angle, providing insights into the substrate's surface energy.

Ideal for Plasma Cleaning Assessment: Use CAM-2 to gauge the performance of plasma cleaning processes, ensuring optimal results every time.

Cleanroom Compatibility: Designed with adaptability in mind, CAM-2 can be seamlessly installed in cleanroom environments, ensuring it fits right into your workflow.

Product Applications:

The CAM-2 contact angle meter is not just a measurement tool; it's an essential instrument for industries that prioritize precision. Whether you're in the semiconductor sector, automotive, or any field that relies on plasma cleaning, CAM-2 provides the data you need to ensure your processes are on point. By assessing surface energy, it offers a clear picture of the effectiveness of plasma cleaning, making it a must-have for quality control and process optimization.

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