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Batch Plasma System

Juno, another masterpiece from SCI Automation, is the epitome of flexibility and efficiency in the world of plasma cleaning. This standalone batch system is designed with adaptability in mind, accommodating a variable number of shelves to handle multiple hybrid substrates seamlessly.

Product Features

Adaptable Chamber: Juno's chamber is uniquely designed to accommodate a variable number of shelves, ensuring flexibility in handling multiple hybrid substrates.

Comprehensive Plasma Processes: From plasma cleaning and activation to surface treatment on polymers, Juno is equipped to handle a wide range of plasma processes.

State-of-the-Art Technology: With features like Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) or Plasma Etching (Direct Plasma) processes, Juno promises precision and efficiency in every operation.

Robust Build & Design: Whether it's the plasma chamber made of aluminum or stainless steel AISI304, or the 600 W RF generator at 13.56 MHz, Juno is built for durability and performance.

Dry Vacuum Pump: with low maintenance downtime 1000 L/min

Mass-Flow-Controlled Gas Lines: Equipped with two lines for standard plasma gases such as Ar, He, O2, N2, and more, ensuring precise control and versatility in various plasma processes.

PC-Based Automation: Features a Windows® 10 operating system for seamless control and user-friendly interaction, enhancing operational efficiency and monitoring.

Explore Product Details

  • Versatile Applications: Juno is perfect for standard applications across various industries, including semiconductors, automotive, and medical.

  • Advanced Features: From capacitive pressure gauges and dry vacuum pumps to PC-based automation, Juno is packed with features that ensure optimal performance.

  • Customizable Options: Tailor Juno to your needs with options like a hydrogen kit for 100% pure H2 process, high power RF generator, and additional mass-flow-controlled gas lines.


  • Hydrogen kit for 100% pure H2 process with dedicated external hydrogen generator

  • High power RF generator 1000 W

  • Up to 2 more additional mass-flow-controlled gas lines (total 4)

Product Applications

Juno is not just a plasma cleaning system; it's a versatile solution for a myriad of applications. Whether it's plasma cleaning, activation, or surface treatment on polymers, Juno delivers impeccable results. Its capabilities make it an ideal choice for industries ranging from semiconductors and automotive to medical, ensuring precision and efficiency in every task.

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