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Quadrio Alpha

High Volume Plasma System

The Quadrio Alpha from SCI Automation is a high-volume plasma system, expertly designed for efficient plasma cleaning. It's perfectly suited for substrates with a strip form factor, offering high uniformity and reliable results.

Product Features

Quadrio Alpha stands out with its compact, standalone design. It's capable of performing both PE and RIE processes, ensuring versatility and high throughput. The system comes in two versions: Quadrio α4 with 4 tracks (400 UPH)

Quadrio α5 with 5 tracks (500 UPH)

*measured with a 10-second plasma time.

Explore Product Details

This advanced plasma cleaning system is designed for precision and efficiency. Its compact size makes it an ideal fit for various industrial settings, while its standalone nature allows for easy integration into existing workflows. The Quadrio Alpha's capability to perform both PE and RIE processes makes it a versatile choice for demanding plasma cleaning applications.

Product Applications

The Quadrio Alpha is particularly suitable for industries that require high precision and uniformity in plasma cleaning. Its design for substrates in strip form factor makes it an essential tool in semiconductor manufacturing, electronics, and other sectors where substrate cleanliness is crucial.

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