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Batch Plasma System

Titan is a standalone batch plasma cleaning system. Titan's chamber can accommodate specifically 6 magazines containing lead frames with a maximum dimension of 310 x 110 x 220 mm (L xW x H). This system has been designed to process batches of lead frames in magazines allowing:

  • No hotspots

  • No burnt marks

  • Optimal plasma distribution that guarantees repeatable and formidable plasma cleaning results

Titan has been presented on the market in the early 2010s and has been consistently delivering millions of parts for the semiconductor industry.


Titan is designed to perform plasma processes such:

  • Plasma cleaning

  • Plasma activation

  • Pre-wire bonding plasma

  • Pre-molding plasma

Titan is mostly used for standard applications in the semiconductors industry.

Titan works well for pre-molding applications where automated system may interfere with the thin wires mounted on the lead frames.


  • Plasma Etching (Direct Plasma) process

  • Plasma chamber in aluminum or stainless steel AISI304

  • 600 W RF generator at 13.56 MHz

  • Capacitive pressure gauge

  • 1000 L/min dry vacuum pump with low maintenance downtime

  • 2 Mass-flow-controlled gas lines for standard plasma gases (Ar, He, O2, N2...)

  • PC based automation (Windows® 10)


  • Hydrogen kit for 100% pure H2 process with dedicated external hydrogen generator

  • High power RF generator 1000 W

  • Up to 2 more additional mass-flow-controlled gas lines (total 4)

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