Our policy is to try to do our best for our customers even if they have obsolete systems. By obsolete system we indicate a model that is no longer in production because substituted by a more current model or upgraded.
For most of these systems we can still provide service and spare parts.
Systems listed from point 1 to 6 are more than 10 years old and we may have difficulties to find parts. In this case please contact our Service Department to see if a modification is possible. We will do our best to get you up and running.

The following Systems are obsolete:

  1. PC216
  2. PC25
  3. PC35
  4. ST80
  5. PC40
  6. PC40R
  7. Quadrio 4
  8. Quadrio 5
  9. Quadrio 4/5 PE
  10. Quadrio 4/5 RIE
  11. Quadrio 4/5 PE-RIE