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Global Automotive and Automotive Electronics Manufacturer

Global Automotive and Automotive Electronics Manufacturer* Achieves 80-90% Increase In Yield Using Custom Plasma Cleaning Solutions.

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  • Using manual batch systems and wanted to migrate to in-line automatic systems in order to meet volume demands.

  • Plasma was falling into micro gaps in between substrates and their machines were not capable of handling this.

  • Low yields due to the inefficiency of the manufacturing process.


  • Custom-designed plasma cleaning process. First with a single lane single chamber machine and later migrated to an automated quad lane system, further increasing efficiency. 

  • Process moved from manual to fully automated.

  • No issues with micro gaps.

  • Significant increase (80-90%) in output and yield.


The Process:

  1. Evaluation and testing to prove the recipe and treatment would be effective. Lab-based testing by measuring contact angle displacement.

  2. Customisation of hardware to meet the technical requirements.

  3. Single lane single chamber in-line automatic system installed and process fully automated (2019).

  4. Subsequently, the customer wanted to further increase output. So SCI supplied a dual-lane plasma cleaning system to boost efficiency as well as a degassing machine which automated the manual process of degassing.

  5. Installed a quad-lane, dual-chamber automated plasma system, which unlocked a further level of efficiency and yield.

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