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Explore our advanced plasma cleaning solutions, categorised to meet your diverse needs.

Optimise manufacturing with Batch Cleaners, streamline workflows using In-Line Cleaners, achieve precision with Strip/Standalone Cleaners, or innovate with Custom Solutions tailored for various materials and industries.

Batch Plasma Cleaners

Batch plasma cleaning systems are a type of plasma cleaning system designed to clean multiple parts or components at once. These systems are commonly used in manufacturing settings where large quantities of components need to be cleaned quickly and efficiently or in laboratory environments where quick prototyping is required. Batch plasma cleaning systems use a vacuum chamber to hold the components during the cleaning process, this allows for products with different dimensions and form factors to be treated without modifications of the plasma machine. Once the chamber is closed, the process gas is introduced and the plasma is formed. The plasma will interact with the components, removing any unwanted contaminants and leaving the surface clean and active. Batch plasma cleaning systems are versatile and can be used to clean a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and ceramics.



Table-Top for
Lab or Small Volumes



Flexible shelves design
for any product shape

SCI Atlas.jpg


Large products

Batch Plasma

In-Line Plasma Cleaners

Inline plasma cleaning systems are designed to clean components as they move through the production line. These systems are commonly used in high-volume manufacturing environments where time is a critical factor. Inline plasma cleaning systems allow for the best performance as the products are introduced automatically in the plasma chamber; after the process is completed, the products are sent immediately to the following production step allowing for the best surface cleaning and activation possible. When the products are in the plasma chamber, they are exposed to plasma, which removes any unwanted contaminants and activates the surface. Inline plasma cleaning systems are highly efficient and can clean components in a matter of seconds.



Super Compact Inline Plasma System



Inline Plasma


Inline Plasma

Strip Plasma Cleaners

Plasma systems for lead frames in magazines

These types of plasma cleaning system are designed to clean and activate products with a flat form factor stored in magazines, typically lead frames used in the semiconductors before the wire-bonding and molding manufacturing processes. These systems use a vacuum chamber to hold the products during the plasma cleaning process, the process gas is then introduced and formed into a plasma. The plasma interacts with the surface, removing any unwanted contaminants and leaving a clean and active surface. Strip plasma cleaning systems typically use a combination of different plasma gases and power levels to achieve the desired level of cleaning. Strip plasma cleaning systems are highly effective and can clean surfaces to extremely high levels of purity, making them ideal for use in industries such as pure semiconductors manufacturing as well as manufacturing of automotive high-value added products.



Batch Cleaner Designed for

Lead Frames in Magazines

SCI Quadrio Alpha Plasma System

Quadrio Alpha

High Volume Plasma System

Strip Plasma

High-Power Plasma Cleaners

These high-power plasma cleaning systems have been designed to deliver a consistent plasma process when high intensity is required.
These systems a typically used for applications like: oxide layers removal, polymer cross-linking applications or large substrates cleaning.

Untitled design-7.png


Table-Top for
High Power Processes

SCI Ares.jpg


Large Surface Batch Plasma System

High-Power Plasma

Custom Plasma Cleaners

Custom Plasma Cleaning Systems offer tailored solutions for diverse cleaning needs.

Meticulously designed to address unique requirements, these systems provide
precision and innovation across various materials and industries.

Elevate your cleaning strategy with bespoke machines that ensure excellence and flexibility.

Custom Plasma
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