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High Power - Batch Plasma System

Aeon-HP is a tabletop batch plasma cleaning system. This system has been designed to sustain intense high-power plasma processes, as such it includes a temperature sensor that monitors the process temperature directly on the active electrode. The heat generated by the plasma process is diligently removed through an advanced cooling system that uses only fresh air, removing the need of liquid cooling.


Aeon-HP can perform all plasma processes such:

  • Plasma cleaning

  • Plasma activation

  • Plasma surface treatment on polymers

  • Plasma inducted surface crosslinking on polymers

  • Oxide removal

Aeon-HP is used for niche applications in the semiconductors and automotive industries.


  • Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) or Plasma Etching (Direct Plasma) processes

  • Plasma chamber in stainless steel AISI304

  • 600 W RF generator at 13.56 MHz

  • Capacitive pressure gauge

  • 250 L/min dry vacuum pump with low maintenance downtime

  • 2 Mass-flow-controlled gas lines for standard plasma gases (Ar, He, O2, N2...)

  • PC based automation (Windows® 10)


  • Hydrogen kit for 100% pure H2 process with dedicated external hydrogen generator

  • Up to 2 more additional mass-flow-controlled gas lines (total 4)

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